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Screw-in coupling nipple

Article no. for coupling
under pressure
for pressure-free coupling
max. operating
Min. coupling force * (N) Md
324509 6989N-05-001 - M20x1,5 3 350 94 15 30
324525 6989N-06-002 - M20x1,5 3 350 94 15 30
164962 6989N-10-001 - M24x1,5 5 500 98 20 56
164988 6989N-20-002 - M24x1,5 5 500 98 20 56

* At 0 bar


Cylinder body and internal parts made of stainless steel. Seals from NBR, Viton, POM and PU.


Couplings are used for the leakage-free connection of hydraulic oil supplies. The coupling elements are installed in a body. The sealing between coupling mechanism and nipple is axial, and installed in the coupling mechanism. If the seal is worn, it can be replaced. The coupling mechanism must always be used in combination with a nipple of the same system. Depending on the version, the couplings can be connected and disconnected at the maximum working pressure. When installed in a tank line, a coupling nipple with pressure relief must be selected. This limits the pressure that can be built up in the uncoupled state (for example due to internal leakage of the clamping elements) to approx 5 bar. When the two parts of the coupling are engaged, the pressure relief is no longer active.


For connection, the coupling mechanism and nipple must be axially aligned. The bodies of the two parts must be guided when the axial sealing surfaces are ca. 2-3 mm apart. The radial position tolerance must not be exceeded. The separating force due to hydraulic pressure is given by the formula NW3: F [N] = 9,4 x p [bar], NW5: F [N] = 15,4 x p [bar]. This separating force must be countered by some external, mechanical means. The mounting hole must be machined to the specified accuracy and surface finish.


The axial sealing surfaces on the front must be protected from soiling. Because the coupling elements have smooth, uninterrupted sealing surfaces, the danger of them being soiled is reduced, and the ease with which the user can clean them before the coupling process is increased. Good results can be achieved by washing them off and blowing clean with compressed air.
Positioning tolerance in axial direction for all coupling elements: +0.5 mm.
Positioning tolerance in radial direction for coupling units: +/- 0.3 mm.
Permitted angle tolerance: +/- 1°.
Screw-in tool:
Size 05 and 06 order no. 552759 / size 10 and 20 order no. 552760

On request:

Other sizes available on request.

  • dimensions table
    Article no. dia. B
    C D G dia. H K L M dia. N P ØR
    324509 6989N-05-001 16 23 8,4 25,9 9,8 13 4,5 19 5 15,5 2 x 2,6
    324525 6989N-06-002 16 23 8,4 25,9 9,8 13 4,5 19 5 15,5 2 x 2,6
    164962 6989N-10-001 20 25 8,5 27,0 13,5 14 4,5 19 5 18,5 4 x 2,8
    164988 6989N-20-002 20 25 8,5 27,0 13,5 14 4,5 19 5 18,5 4 x 2,8