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Pallet Decoupler Block

for double acting cylinders,
max. operating pressure 400 bar.

Article no. Q
Outputs clamp A2 to A5 Outputs unclamp B2 to B5 Weight
320002 6919-20 7,5 G1/4 G1/4 2572


Manifold made of steel, blued. Integrated, fixed set pressure relief valve. 4 connections for consumers, pressure tank and manometer. Including coupling connector No. 6919-20S, order no. 320010 and G1/4 adapter for connection A2. A filter is integrated in the forward and return line.


The main application for the pallet decoupler block is to maintain hydraulic pressure at fixtures which are disconnected from the pressure generator during the machining process. For example on flexible machining centers with pallet changing system. Possible small oil leakage are compensated in a particular pressure range by the attached accumulator. Please see technical details of the used accumulator (No. 6919-13 or No. 6919-40). During coupling clamping circuit and return drive circuit must be without pressure.


The use of an accumulator no. 6919S-013/040 in the clamping circuit is neccessary. For visual pressure observation, a pressure gauge no. 6983-1 shall be attached.