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Pump unit

with pressure-control device (DSG),
single- and double-acting,
max. operating pressure 400 bar.

Article no. Clamping
control unit
324590 6906-61620 1 2,5 4/3 - - - 53
326033 6906-61621 1 2,5 4/3 6906B-2-1 - 61
326041 6906-61621-BZH 1 2,5 4/3 6906BZH-2 2 61
324616 6906-62620 2 2,5 4/3 - - - 56
326058 6906-62621 2 2,5 4/3 6906B-3-2 - 64


Compact, plug-in pump unit, ready for electric and hydraulic operation. Complete with: Pressure-control device, solenoid valve, pressure gauge, floating switch with temperature monitoring, oil filling, electrical control with main switch, indicator lamps and flange sockets. Electrical connection, complete with CEKON connector, pressure filter with filter mesh of 25μm. Oil supply via threaded port.


These pump units are mainly used as drive and control elements for single- and double-acting clamping devices.

Operation type:
Control panel for one and two clamping circuits. Two-hand control panel for only one clamping circuit.


The radial piston pump is driven via an alternating current standard motor to energy efficiency class IE3. The motor is protected against overload by a motor protection switch and a thermocouple. Pressure setting and pressure monitoring are made via a pressure control device. The pressure control device combines the pressure limiting valve (PLV) and the pressure switch (PS) in a single device. The pressure is continuously adjustable over the entire pressure range by means of an adjustment sleeve. The point for restarting is about 10-15% below the switch-off point.
- High safety standard through the use of 4/3-directional seat valves!
- No unwanted travel movements. In the event of a loss of power or contact problems, the valve returns to the hermetically sealed centre position.
- Easy actuation by external machine controllers (e.g. PLC).
The pump unit works intermittently. In the event of a loss of pressure, the pump is subsequently automatically switched by the pressure control device. In case of low oil level or an increase in oil temperature, the built-in floating switch with temperature monitoring switches the pump off and the fault lamp on the electrical controller comes on.


Ensure that the ventilation is working properly when connecting the elements. In the event of a loss of pressure, subsequent pumping must not exceed a maximum of 2 times per minute. The pump unit must not be allowed to run continuously.

Clamping circuits: For up to 5 clamping circuits, there is an electrical controller. For more than 5 clamping circuits, there is no electrical controller.
Valve combination: Pressure reduction and clamping pressure monitoring in certain clamping circuits. Pressure reduction for all subsequent clamping circuits. Pressure filter with filter mesh 10µm or 40 µm. Throttle valves for specified clamping circuits.

On request:

Directional valves with other function diagrams on request.
Three to five clamping circuits on request.