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Anti-panic lock, zinc-plated

With stainless steel fore-end, polished. Spring bolt cannot be turned. One-piece follower. Prepared for profile cylinder (PZ). With night latch function.
- backset 60 mm
- rotation 2 turns
- follower 9 mm
- centres 72 mm
- Function E

for case width
Closure Door direction E
14480 30 PZW DIN L 24 770  - 186,50
14498 30 PZW DIN R 24 770  - 186,50
14506 40 PZW DIN L 33 800  - 186,50
14514 40 PZW DIN R 33 800  - 186,50

R = right, L = left
Cased lock, empty, see no. 140K!


Locks with alternative function E and one-piece follower socket. With this ant-panic lock, the fixed knob on the outside of the door prevents unauthorised access. The door can be opened from outside via the alternative function only using the key. From the inside, the anti-panic function is always available when the door is closed.


Separate supply of locks and fittings when the components must comply with DIN EN 179! Emergency-exit closure systems are safety-relevant products which may be subject to local regulations of the country in which they are installed, e.g. for Germany, they are entered in the Bauregelliste 2003/2 and they require an EU Certificate of Conformity (CE-mark).
Classification to DIN EN 179: 37601352AB/D