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Hydraulic Compensating Clamp

Single acting, with spring return,
max. operating pressure 100 bar.

Article no. max. clamping
max. locking
max. piston force
Holding force
Clamping stroke
Compensating stroke
Pin dia. OR-1
Order No.
320333 6965-08-00 2 3 2 0,5 12 3 16,0* 550265 1675
320341 6965-08-01 2 3 2 0,5 12 3 5,5 550265 1675
320358 6965-08-02 2 3 2 0,5 12 3 8,5 550265 1675

* Clamping bolt blank not hardened


Housing from steel, burnished. Piston from case-hardened steel, hardened and ground. Complete with four fixing screws M6 x 70 and O-ring for flange seal. Oil supply via threaded connection or oil channel in the fixture body.


The Hydraulic Compensating Clamp is employed in fixtures for the distortion-free, floating clamping and support of workpieces. It is possible to use several Hydraulic Compensating Clamps without distorting a workpiece.


The floating piston has a compensating stroke of 3 mm, thereby also permitting the clamping of workpieces with large shape deviations or differing and inaccurate drill hole tolerances. Immediately after the clamping process, the support piston is clamped, specifically in a clamped position, via a sequence valve! The workpiece holder on the adjustable clamp is easy to change and is therefore simply and quickly adapted to the various workpiece contours.


Please do not operate a Hydraulic Compensating Clamp without a workpiece in place; doing so can damage the return spring or cause it to set and lose force.
For single acting cylinders there is risk of sucking in coolant through the breather port. In such cases the breather port has to be piped to a clean protected area. The system has to be completely vented during installation.