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Push-Pull Cylinder, top-flange-mounting, with guided piston rod

double acting,
max. operating pressure 350 bar,
min. operating pressure 35 bar.

Article no. Push force at 350 bar
Pull force at 350 bar
Vol. push
Vol. pull
Q max.
327106 6951KZP-22-20 54 26 28 43,3 21,2 2,5 2590
327098 6951KZP-33-20 80 40 30 68,4 34,3 2,5 4355


Cylinder barrel from steel, hardened and burnished. Piston rod hardened and chrome plated. Piston rod with internal thread. O-ring for flange seal. Wiper at piston rod. Oil supply via threaded connection or oil channel in the fixture body.


Universal Push-Pull Cylinder for various applications.


Various thrust pieces can be attached in the tapped piston rod ends. Clamps can be attached, as with the swing clamps.


The piston is guided, therefore, the max. permissable oil flow rate Q max must be observed in order to protect the mechanism. No force must be introduced at the piston when mounting accessory. The system has to be completely vented during installation. To control the oil feed, the throttle/check valve no. 6916-12-04 can be optionally used.


- Increase in the number of balls and slots to 3 to achieve a higher positioning accuracy and repetition accuracy. Also prolongs service life.
- More precise guidance
- contact force of balls into groove increased, thus guaranteeing highly-precise guidance over a long period of us.
- V-profile of the ball running groove guarantees a deeper ball run in the groove wall than at the groove edge.
- New materials for prolonging the service life of piston rod and guide.

  • dimensions table
    Article no. dia. A B C D E dia. F G H N P Q R S T U dia. V
    W Y Z AA BB CC DD dia. FF OR-1
    Order No.
    327106 6951KZP-22-20 62,8 185,5 104,5 25 G1/4 31,74 13 13 14,5 27,4 35,5 35,5 27,4 71 85,5 10,7 35,1 13,0 M16 12,5 26,5 M10 19 63,4 183608
    327098 6951KZP-33-20 77,0 196,5 114,0 25 G1/4 38,09 13 13 18,1 35,1 44,5 44,5 35,1 89 100,0 13,5 41,4 12,5 M16 12,5 32,5 M12 19 77,6 183608