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Clamping module, mechanical, with indexing

Mechanical opening and closing.
Tempered steel, plasma-nitrided and burnished.
Repetition accuracy < 0.01 mm.

Size Pull-in/locking force up to
Holding force*
Tightening torque
559680 K10 6 25 30 1031
562355 K20 10 55 30 3295  -


Mechanical zero point clamping system with indexing grooves offset by 90° for time-optimised clamping during cutting and non-cutting machining.
Especially suitable for the modular design of clamping solutions via zero point clamping system.


The mechanical assembly clamping module with indexing notches offset by 90° has high holding, pull-in and locking forces.
The clamping module can be positioned on the machine table and fastened with standard clamping elements at the circumferential clamping rim.
The positioning bore for stop sleeves and a through-hole for fastening onto grid plates with countersunk head screws are present underneath (observe the max. permitted screw force). The mounting bore for the K20 pull-stud is also in the module.

Pull-stud: The K10 and K20 versions of the pull-studs are used with this mechanical clamping module. The zero point, sword or undersize pull-stud can be used, depending on the application.

This clamping module can be used at ambient temperatures of up to max. 200°C.
* Please observe the installation instructions.

  • dimensions table
    Size dia. B1 dia. D
    dia. D1
    dia. D2 F7
    dia. DN
    E1 H
    H1 H2 H3 K
    L R S1 SW
    559680 K10 9,0 78 15 - 22 4,5 32 22,0 - - 8 93 50 - 10
    562355 K20 13,5 112 25 16 32 10,0 50 35,5 20 11 8 132 80 5,5 13