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Surface-mounted clamping module, round

Pneumatic opening.
Pneumatic blow-out.
Opening operating pressure: min. 8 bar - max. 12 bar
Retensioning operating pressure (turbo): min. 5 bar - max. 6 bar
Cover and piston hardened.
Repeatability < 0.005 mm.

Size Pull-in/locking force up to
Holding force*
Blow out Weight
305193 K10 8 25 0,9
302851 K20 17 55 2,6
302893 K40 30 105 6,6


Zero-point clamping system in combination with hook clamping flange 63707B for set-up-time-optimised clamping during cutting and non-cutting machining.


The surface-mounted clamping module has high holding, pull-in and locking forces. This is opened pneumatically (1) and mechanically locked through spring force. To achieve the specified pull-in and locking forces, it must be briefly retensioned pneumatically (turbo) (2). Subsequent uncoupling of the pressure lines is possible at all times (module is tensioned pressure-free).
Use of the pneumatic pressure booster 6370ZVL is recommended.
The clamping module with blow-out and support control has three connections:
1x pneum. opening (1) / 1x pneum. retensioning (turbo) (2), 1x pneum. blow-out and support control (3). (The pneumatic blow-out and support control can optionally be connected.)
* Please observe the installation instructions.

On request:

- Individual housing

  • dimensions table
    Size dia. D
    dia. DB dia. DN
    HA K R
    305193 K10 78 77,5 22 32 16,50 G1/8
    302851 K20 112 110,0 32 50 28,25 G1/4
    302893 K40 148 146,0 40 62 32,50 G1/4