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Collet attachment dia. 99

Material: polyamide.

dia. D
dia. D1 Clamping stroke Ø
H H1 Weight
550278 99 23 1,0 50 25 360 213,50


The 99 mm diameter polyamide collet attachment is suitable for the mechanical collet element with order no. 533281.


The collet attachment, made of polyamide, is suitable for clamping pressure-sensitive workpieces and materials.
The collet attachment is fastened to the main element by just one centrically applied screw and is therefore quickly replaced. The workpiece contour is milled into the collet attachment with a minimum clamping depth of 2 mm. Since the clamping force is evenly applied to the component in a radial direction, the counterplate is clamped warp-free.
The collet attachment can be milled off to a height of H1, allowing new workpiece contours to be introduced.
The maximum workpiece diameter is 90 mm.

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