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Control unit with channel selection 400V / 32A

Number of magnetic clamping plates to control
559705 1 - 2 13  - 3.465,00
559706 1 - 4 22  - 6.080,00


Control unit with hand-held controller for the simultaneous activation of 1 - 2 or 1 - 4 magnetic chucks.
The individual chucks can be selected and removed with the hand-held controller.
In addition to the selector switches for the magnetic chucks, the hand-held controller has three function buttons:
1 x magnetisation (MAG)
1 x demagnetisation (DEMAG)
1 x release
To start the magnetisation or demagnetisation cycle, the following button combinations must be pressed simultaneously:
- Magnetisation = MAG + Release
- Demagnetisation = DEMAG + Release


The connection cable and control lead have a length of 3 metres each.
The connection cable has a plug for 400V / 32A and is preassembled ready for connection. The high-quality control leads have one steel mesh sheath and one push-pull plug each for connecting to the magnetic chucks.
The hand-held controller with the function buttons MAG, DEMAG and Release belongs to the standard delivery.
The control device has a prepared cable gland for the signal of the machine locking.


- Compact and ready-to-connect control 1 - 2 or 1 - 4 magnetic chucks
- Short cycle times of less than 1 second for magnetisation and demagnetisation
- Including hand-held controller as remote control for ease of handling
- No further installation of e.g. connecting plugs necessary
- Very strong and robust construction.