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Lock case for horizontal multipoint locking, bare metal

with galvanised lock no. 142UMV, with stainless steel fore-end.
Horizontal locking at freely selectable distance from door possible. Brass spring bolt and bolt. Can be used for left or right closing by turning the latch head. Prepared for profile cylinder (PZ) or bit key adapter set. With night latch.
Incl. lever rose set no. 494, 2 angle drives, incl. latch bolt, 2 adapter pieces for studding M10.
- backset 60 mm
- rotation 2-turns
- spindle 8 mm
- spacing 72 mm

Case depth
Closure Material thickness
557055 40 PZW 3 2800  -


The multiple-locking AMF lock case is ideal for the additional and reliable locking of main and side doors or a fence without a surrounding frame. The horizontal locking is achieved via the profile cylinder.


Rectangular pipe profile and M10 studding are not supplied as standard. Studding provided by the customer should not exceed the max. length of 1200 mm each. The lock and the angle drive can be used for pipe profiles of 40x40 to 40x80 mm.