Lock case, bare-metal

With galvanised anti-panic lock no. 142PGN-** with stainless steel fore-end, polished. Spring bolt cannot be turned. Two-piece follower. Prepared for profile cylinder (PZ). Without night latch function.
Incl. handle rosette set no. 494.
- backset 60 mm
- rotation 2 turn
- follower 9 mm
- centres 72 mm
- Funktion D

Case width A
Closure Door direction B
Material thickness
13334 30 PZ DIN L 94,0 172 24 33,5 8,5 2,5 1550
13359 30 PZ DIN R 94,0 172 24 33,5 8,5 2,5 1550
13375 40 PZ DIN L 94,5 173 33 34,0 14,0 3,0 1800
13391 40 PZ DIN R 94,5 173 33 34,0 14,0 3,0 1800

R = right, L = left
Cased lock, empty, see no. 140K!


Lock with access function D and divided follower socket. When the door is unlocked, this lock permits intermittent access from inside and outside. Warning: once the door is locked, access from outside is no longer possible! After being actuated from the inside, however, the door can also be opened from the outside (not self-locking). Rescue measures are not obstructed. From the inside, the anti-panic function is always available when the door is closed.


Separate supply of locks and fittings when the components must comply with DIN EN 179! Emergency-exit closure systems are safety-relevant products which may be subject to local regulations of the country in which they are installed, e.g. for Germany, they are entered in the Bauregelliste 2003/2 and they require an EU Certificate of Conformity (CE-mark).
Classification to DIN EN 179: 37601352AB/D