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Pump Unit

with 5 separate clamping circuits, single acting,
max. operating pressure 400 bar

Article no. Clamping
control unit
326728 6906P-65319 5 2,5 4 x 3/2 +DS
1 x 3/2 +SV +DS
6906PB-6-4 71  -


Compact, ready to plug in pump unit, ready for operation electrically and hydraulically. Complete with pressure control unit, electromagnetic valve, manometer, float switch, oil filling. The electrical controller is equipped with main switch, indicator lamps and flange sockets, carrying handle and two-part protective hood. Electrical connection complete with CEKON connector.


The pump unit is designed to operate hydraulic clamping systems. Clamping circuits 1 to 4 are for tool clamping, circuit 5 is for raising the hydraulic ball-roller strip.


The radial piston pump is driven via an alternating current standard motor with the energy efficiency class IE3. The motor is protected against overload by a motor protection switch and a thermoelement. Each of the 4 clamping circuits is equipped with a 3/2 seat valve. Four pressure switches (DS) are attached externally for the external pressure monitoring. In the 5th circuit, there are a 3/2-way valve, normally open, a pressure-limiting valve, and a pressure switch. Pressure setting and pressure monitoring are accomplished via a pressure limiting valve (DBV) and an electronic pressure switch (EDS). The value set at the pressure limiting valve is stored with the Mode button on the pressure switch. This simultaneously sets the preprogrammed switch-off and switch-back point.
The pump unit operates intermittently. In the case of a pressure drop, the pump unit is activated automatically by the pressure switch. The clamping pressure is indicated using illuminated push buttons. The installed float switch switches off the pump in the case of low oil level and outputs an optical signal.


Pay attention to faultless venting during the connection of the elements. Pumping in the case of pressure drop must be made maximum 2x per minute. The unit must not operate continuously. To ensure safe hydraulic tool clamping, clamping at ram and table is carried out in each case by means of a separate clamping circuit. The four pressure switches DS1-DS4 are used to provide external pressure monitoring of the four clamping circuits. The machine is automatically switched off if pressure drops in one clamping circuit or in the case of lack of oil. The electrical connection between press controller and power unit must be performed by the customer.