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Installation clamping module for automation solutions

Pneumatic opening.
Pneumatic blow-out.
Opening operating pressure:
K10.3 min. 5 bar
K20.3 min. 4.5 bar
Cover and piston hardened.
Repetition accuracy <0.005 mm.
With locking control (pneum.), opening control (pneum.), support control (pneum.) and pull-stud sensing (pneum.) and insular support.

Size Pull-in/locking force up to
Holding force*
Blow out Weight
550261 K10.3 10 25 1,4
550262 K20.3 17 55 2,6


Contact surfaces as isolated design with integrated blow-out, centric blow-out, support control, locking control and pull-stud sensing.


Zero-point clamping system for automation solutions for set-up-time-optimised clamping during cutting and non-cutting machining.


Locking control: Dynamic pressure with locked clamping module, flow-through with opened clamping module.
Opening control: Dynamic pressure with opened clamping module, flow-through with locked clamping module.
Pull-stud sensing: Dynamic pressure with pull-stud present, flow-through if pull-stud is not present.
Support control: Dynamic pressure with supported interchangeable pallet.
The installation clamping module is opened pneumatically and locked mechanically by spring force. Subsequent uncoupling of the pressure line is possible at any time (module is clamped at normal pressure).
The clamping module has seven connections:
1 = pneum. opening
3 = pneum. blow-out
4 = pneum. opening control inlet
5 = vent
6 = pneum. pull-stud control, inlet
7 = pneum. support control
8 = pneum. locking control, inlet
* Please observe the installation instructions.

On request:

- Installation diagrams

  • dimensions table
    Size dia. D
    dia. DN
    dia. D1 H HA dia. LK
    M T
    550261 K10.3 112 22 78 35 10 88 6 x M6 25
    550262 K20.3 138 32 102 49 15 115 8 x M6 34