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Sequence valve

for O-ring joint, Pressure-time delayed,
max. operating pressure 250 bar,
min. operating pressure 40 bar.

Article no. Q
Delay setting range
of flow
Order No.
326280 6918-80-10 8 1-10 P-A 161810 1500


Cylinder body made of steel, burnished. Connection diagram, NW 5, is not standardised. Hardened control piston and check valve.
Oil supply takes place through drilled channels in the clamping device.


The adjustable switch delay permits a time-dependent switching sequence of hydraulic elements within a hydraulic circuit, independent of the hydraulic pressure. The valve can be operated from 40 bar to max. 250 bar.
A parallel or series circuit of several valves is possible. The compact size permits the valve to be flanged directly to the clamping fixture. If the valve should be connected to a pipeline, an adapter plate is available.


The hydraulic oil at the valve is guided in the body from the connection P through a throttle to a differential piston. At the same time, the hydraulic pressure is present at an integrated check valve, which blocks the flow to the connection A. Depending on the setting of the setting screw, the differential piston moves forward in a specific time and opens a check valve. This releases the flow from connection P to connection A, and the following hydraulic components are supplied with compressed oil. If the hydraulic pressure is removed, a spring returns the differential piston to the initial position. The hydraulic oil flowing out is guided through a check valve to the connection P.


Observe installation instructions with construction notes for the fixture manufacturer.
Operating pressure, volume flow, temperature and viscosity can result in changes to the switching sequence. The valve may be used up to a system pressure of maximum 250 bar. The switching intervals should be greater than 10 sec. to guarantee proper function.