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Two-hand safety operator panel

Article no. Control voltage Cable length
324426 6906BZH-2 24 V = 5 4840


Compact cast aluminium housing with control elements, cable and coupling plug.


The two-handed safety operating panel may be used only in combination with the pump units from Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG. It is suitable for the units with the following order numbers: 327635, 325969 or 326041.
The two-handed safety operating panel controls fixtures (cylinders, etc.) on which hazardous extension and retraction movements (strokes ≥ 4 mm) can occur.
The following fluidic system requirements must be met for the operating panel function:
- 4/3-way valve with hermetically sealed zero position.
Alternatively, the combination of a 4/3-way valve, in which A, B and T are connected and P locked in the zero position, with at least one controlled check valve for the dangerous consumer line, or a controlled twin check valve, is possible.
- Pressure switch in channels A and B
To convert an existing unit to two-handed operation, please contact Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG.

Plug the cable with the plug into the remote control connector of the pump unit. Set the pressure switch to operate at about 75% of the pressure in the clamping circuit. The M5 threads can be used for external fastening from below.

Key switch for turning on and switching to zero position and coupling position. Rotary switch for selecting the following functions - clamping, unclamping and zero position. Two-hand switch for initiating movements. Stop switch for fast switch-off in case of danger. Indicator lights signal the control status.

Re-clamping required following an electrical voltage outage and after the power supply is restored. With pump unit no. 6906, the solenoid on the directional valve remains energised after self-locking.


Each user of the two-handed safety control panel must determine the necessary performance level of the respective safety function by his own risk assessment and must ensure that this is also complied with.