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Mechanical collet
incl. body

Clamping force max.*
Clamping stroke Ø
Tightening torque Md max.
533281 11 0,3 40 4,5 927,00


The main body is made of burnished steel. The collet attachment, which is supplied as standard, has a diameter of 99 mm and is made of anodised, high-strength aluminium. The mechanism in the main body is protected against dirt and cooling water. Circumferential clamping edge for fastening to the machine table. Provided on the underside is the holder for the AMF K20 Zero Point system as well as grooves for positioning on AMF Zero Point clamping modules with indexing.


For clamping complex workpiece contours for 5-sided machining in the machine tool. The counterplate of the workpiece is milled into the collet attachment with a minimum clamping depth of 2 mm. Because the clamping force is evenly applied to the component in a radial direction, the counterplate is clamped warp-free. The clamping force can be adjusted via the clamping screw, using a torque wrench, for example. Consequently, it is especially suitable for thin-walled pipes and workpieces.
Thanks to the simple collet attachment replacement, various workpieces can be quickly and securely clamped for 5-sided machining.
The collet attachment can be milled off up to a height of H1, thus allowing new workpiece contours to be introduced.


* The max. clamping force of 11 kN is introduced into the collet in an axial direction and does not describe the radial clamping force onto the component. This varies according to the machining height.

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  • dimensions table
    dia. D
    dia. D1 dia. DA dia. E dia. F G H H1 H2 H3 H4 K L dia. M
    533281 99 23 117 106 102 80 106 25 35 56 15 13 8 K7 25 M12