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Coupling nipple adapter

Suitable for coupling mechanism no. 6370ZMMG / ZMM

Size Nominal
dia. A B C D G K dia. P T U Weight
424242 K20/K40 5 35 35 60 20 47,5 38,5 5,5 20 40 320


The coupling nipple adapter is the counterpart to the coupling mechanism and is used in the interchangeable pallet in which the pull-studs are also located. Couplings are used for loss-free transfer of liquid and gaseous media and are adjusted to the height of the installation clamping modules.


The mounting housings of the two parts must be guided approx. 2-3 mm before contact with the axial sealing surfaces. This function is taken over by the coupling nipple adapter through the centring function. The medium can be passed on at the top over the pipe connection or over the O-ring connection. The radial position tolerance (+/- 0.2 mm) must not be exceeded. The couplings can only be coupled in a depressurised state. The separating force due to hydraulic pressure between the coupling nipple and mechanism is given by the formula F [N] = 15.4 x p [bar] and must be taken into account.