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Support element, fixed

Housing: tempered steel, gas-nitrided and oxidised.

Size H
532390 K10 100 995
532374 K20 100 1790


The support element allows workpieces or fixtures to be received into the bore for the pull-stud, K10 or K20 depending on the version, and clamped to the main or intermediate elements.
This clamping system can be used to move workpieces to the required machining height in the machine for 5-sided machining, or for the safe and quick clamping of workpieces with ledges and different clamping heights on the machine table.


Two fastening bolts and a threaded stud are supplied as standard.

Order numbers of the centring sleeves
- Ø15: order no. 535732
- Ø16: order no. 78006
- Ø22: order no. 78238


Simple, quick and flexible clamping of complex workpiece contours on the machine table. Especially suitable for levelling workpieces or clamping fixtures at the necessary machine heights in the machine tool and for the reliable clamping of same.

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  • dimensions table
    Size A dia. B1 dia. D
    dia. D1
    dia. D2 F7
    dia. D3
    dia. D4
    E1 G H1 H2 M R S1 SW T
    532390 K10 10 9 78 - 15 35 3,1 - M8 103 20 M8 50 5 30 6
    532374 K20 16 13 112 25 16 43 4,1 12,0 M12 105 30 M12 80 6 41 6