Magnetic clamping plate for milling
Eco Line

H ±0,1 Pole size
Number of poles
Holding force
559715 390 330 43 50 20 8,0 36,0  - 2.625,00
559718 580 390 43 50 40 16,0 68,0  - 3.915,00
559719 780 390 43 50 50 20,0 79,0  - 5.230,00


Magnetic clamping plate with square pole technology in monoblock design.
For positioning, clamping and machining magnetisable materials.


This special and high-quality design enables reaching of very high holding forces.
The maximum specified holding force is achieved with complete occupation of all poles.
In the event of possible damage to the surface, it can be reworked up to 4 mm in order to restore the original surface quality.
In the status at delivery, the magnetic clamping plates have a height tolerance of +/- 0.1 mm.
The plug contact for the control unit is a water-resistant push-pull plug incl. security rose. Optimal holding forces are achieved with a tool or material thickness greater than 12 mm.
A clamping slot is also available on both sides of the faces for fastening to the machine table. Fastening bores can also be incorporated into the magnetic clamping plate. A bore plan from AMF must be requested for this.
The M8 internal thread for fastening the pole extension is directly aligned centrally - without a threaded bush - in each individual pole.


- Very low installation height
- Environmentally friendly clamping technology: Energy is only needed for clamping and releasing
- Highest level of safety: Holding force is retained even in the event of a power failure