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Base element, round, for T-slot plate

Tempered steel, plasma-nitrided and burnished.

Size H
559095 K10 30 1554
559096 K20 30 3080


The main element can be freely positioned and fastened on the machine table with T-slots at the circumferential clamping rim. Intermediate elements or assembly elements can be adapted. This clamping system can be used to move workpieces to the required machining height in the machine for 5-sided machining, or for the safe and quick clamping of workpieces with ledges and different clamping heights on the machine table with T-slots.


Centring sleeves:
- Ø15: order no. 535732
- Ø16: order no. 78006
Spring washer
- order no. K10 = 559140
- order no. K20 = 535757.
T-nut no. 6322A with cylinder screws
ISO 4762-M6x10 can be used for positioning on a T-slot plate.


Simple, quick and flexible clamping of complex workpiece contours on the machine table. Especially suitable for levelling workpieces or clamping fixtures at the necessary machine heights in the machine tool and for the reliable clamping of same.

  • dimensions table
    Size dia. B1 dia. B2 B3 dia. D
    dia. D1 dia. D2
    E1 G G1 H1 H2 dia. LK
    R R1
    559095 K10 11,0 11,5 75 125 78 15 13,5 5 x M8 2 x M6 15 8 102 50 40
    559096 K20 13,5 13,0 95 166 112 16 11,5 5 x M12 2 x M6 15 10 140 80 53